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Copyright 2009 Ė Robert E. Shandor


There was a time not so long ago

When we knew when to make a stand

With a single voice we joined our hands

And marched in the streets to make a better land

Where all could live with dignity

And believe that trust and honesty

Would lead us to a higher ground

Of a world based on true equality


But something happened along the way

And we strayed far from our path

We traded values for a lifestyle, grand,

Now we're living in the aftermath

Of a choice that's brought us to despair

Our notions of justice tipped unfair

A place of haves against have-nots

Where the basic rule is "You better beware"


When the winds blow harsh how should be react

Do we step to the front or just hang back

Become water yielding or a rock in place

Bamboo bending or an oak that breaks

Its an open heart that lets us see

The need for love between you and me

So, let the rains that come falling down

Make us whole


Maybe it's time to go back to the streets

And put our toys in their proper place

Stop all our warring in foreign lands

And pay more attention to the human race

Admit a thing that we know is true

Even though it seems so strange

Our attitudes are what brought us here --

We are the reason if things don't change


We each choose a belief system
Like a winter coat to wrap our self in
Why fight about whose is best
When each is very like the rest
Letís say no to greed and hypocrisy
Start the love to grow between you and me
Maybe the rains that come falling down
Will help us grow


So, let the rains fall and refresh the ground
Let the breeze blow and cool us down
Let the sunshine light our way
Let us always seize the day
Letís take the path to harmony
And let the love grow between you and me
Yes, let the rains that come falling down
Cleanse our souls


So, let the rains come falling down
Yes, let the rains come falling down
Letís hope the rains that come falling down
Yield rainbows