- Privacy Policy
Last Updated: September 29, 2011
At SMC, we respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) specifies how and its owner(s) (“SMC”), collects, uses, discloses, transfers and stores the data it collects from each user (“You”, “Your”) of the website (“SMC Site”). If You object, in whole or part, with or to this Policy, You understand Your sole remedy is to cease Your use of the SMC Site.
1. Overview. In general, SMC DOES NOT:
  1a) utilize cookies and does not create a cookie on your computing device when you access SMC (we don't mess with your device!);
    1b) create any type of database to store any type of personal information about You, with the few exceptions as noted in Section 2 of this Policy; or
    1c) share your data with any affiliate entity or third-party entity, other than to pass your purchase requests to such third-party entity(ies) that is/are used by SMC to process and fulfill purchase requests initiated by You on the SMC Site.
2. Stored Data And Usage. SMC stores a minimal amount of data about You, and:
    2a) SMC does not use any SMC Site user-provided data to attempt to create a customized SMC Site experience for its users;
    2b) SMC does not use any SMC Site user-provided data to modify SMC Site-page product advertisements, since SMC does not post third-party product advertisements on the SMC Site.
    2c) SMC will store data related to You that You voluntarily provide to SMC that will allow SMC to conduct its business with you. As one example: You may request voluntarily via email to be notified via email by SMC when new songs are posted for sale on the SMC Site. In order to facilitate your request for notification, SMC must store the data You provide to us when you email your request to SMC. If you later request to be removed from the newly posted song notification list, SMC will delete your personal data from the data it stores for newly posted song notification purposes. As another example: You may send an email question to SMC. In order to respond to your question, SMC must retain enough of the information You provide to SMC in, and as part of, your email to SMC to facilitate its response. NOTE THAT THE TWO (2) EXAMPLES ABOVE DO NOT COVER ALL SITUATIONS IN WHICH DATA ABOUT YOU IS MAINTAINED BY SMC, AND ARE PROVIDED TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND WHY DATA ABOUT YOU SOMETIMES MUST BE STORED BY SMC;
    2d) SMC DOES NOT SELL any personal data related to You to ANY ENTITY;
    2e) SMC WILL NOT GIVE any personal data related to You to any entity, UNLESS REQUIRED TO DO SO, OR UNLESS SUCH ACTION IS NECESSITATED, BY LAW;
    2f) the SMC Site does, however, on its Links page, provide the SMC Site user with links to the sites of other music-related artists, which are not under the control of SMC. In addition, on various SMC Site pages, and from time to time, the SMC Site may provide links to other websites similarly not controlled by SMC. When You utilize such links, SMC does not pass any SMC Site user-related data to the linked site, with the exception specified in Item 1c, above. However, You understand that SMC does not monitor or control the content, usage, or policies of any such linked-to web sites and does not monitor or control whether such web sites -- INCLUDING THOSE WEBSITES THAT PROCESS AND FULFILL PRODUCT ORDERS ON BEHALF OF SMC -- collect, store, process, share, or sell your personal data. When you click on any such SMC Site-provided link, you enter a site that SMC does not control and for which SMC cannot be, and is not, responsible. SMC ASSUMES NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR: ANY KIND OF MATERIAL AVAILABLE AT SUCH SITES; FOR ANY ASPECT OF THE USER EXPERIENCE, POLICIES, AND TERMS AND/OR CONDITIONS OF USE OF ANY SUCH SITE; AND, FOR ANY LOSS OR PERCEIVED LOSS A USER MAY EXPERIENCE ON SUCH A SITE. SMC STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THAT YOU REVIEW THE PRIVACY POLICY(S) AND TERMS OF USE OF ANY SUCH SITE BEFORE CONTINUING TO USE SUCH SITE.
3. Changes to this Privacy Policy. SMC reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time without prior notice, to change the provisions of this Privacy Policy by making such revised Policy available on the SMC Site. It is solely Your obligation to routinely and periodically review the current Policy, and Your continued use of the Site subsequent to any such posted revision of the Policy constitutes Your acceptance of the revised Policy.