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Customized 1990's Epiphone Dot Deluxe


Welcome to ShandorMusic.com, an MP3 download music site where you can sample and/or buy original songs on a pay-per-download basis, to use with your MP3 player, or to burn onto a CD as part of a compilation of your own choice of contemporary music to play on your home or car stereo system. Riding a backbone of driving and often, danceable, rhythms, my songs blend (variously) elements of Rock, Light Jazz, Pop, Swing, and Country -- with lyrics that span from the complexities and mysteries of romantic attraction through no-holds-barred social and political commentary -- to deliver a unique fusion-type of sound that's non-genre-specific.

The Guild D-55 Dreadnaught is absolutely AWESOME!
  At ShandorMusic.com, besides good songs to download, you'll also find links to the websites of other independent music composers, song writers, musicians, and performers from the San Diego area (and, in a while, from other areas as well). And, should you have interest in using a song in a movie, documentary, or TV show, or to record for mainstream distribution, there's information here about song licensing, as well, on the Licensing page.

My songwriting has been influenced by a large number of bands and individuals. Some of these are (in no particular order): Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Cold Blood; James Gang (Joe Walsh); The Eagles; Cream (Eric Clapton); Eurythmics; Gato Barbieri; Sade; U2; The Doobie Brothers; Santana; David Sanborn; Creedence Clearwater Revival; Earl Klugh; The Doors; Steely Dan; Bob James; Acoustic Alchemy; Gordon Lightfoot; The Police (Sting); The Rolling Stones; Billy Vera and the Beaters; Allman Brothers; Grover Washington; Jimi Hendrix; Seawind; The Beatles; The Crusaders; Van Morrison; Bob Dylan; and the swing bands (like Tommy Dorsey's) of the "Big Band" era. Click Here to Listen to Full-Length Samples and Buy MP3 Music.

What's In My Music?
I love rolling rhythms, memorable melodies, and the intricate interplay of instrumentation (yes, and I like alliteration, too). Some of my songs have a bare-bones, garage-band feel to them -- mostly when I'm leaning more toward the Rock genre. Many of them, however, fall into a non-genre mix of fused Rock and contemporary Light Jazz, often incorporating a bit of the sounds of the Big-Band era -- when I've added horns or strings (or, sometimes both). On occasion, I'll throw in just a touch of Country -- for some additional heart. And,like some of the older bands listed above, I also like longer songs...ones you can crawl inside of and live with for a while. While I have written some that are under five minutes in length, you'll find that the majority of my songs range in length from 5 to 7 minutes (hopefully you'll think of this as getting your money's worth from your mp3 song download purchase!). Click Here to Listen to Full-Length Samples.

For instrumentation on any particular song, I've used varying combinations of nine guitars, including an older, customized Epiphone Dot Deluxe electric/acoustic, a newer, standard Epiphone Dot electric/acoustic, an Epiphone Casino Coupe, a customized Fender Telecaster electric, a limited-edition Washburn Millenium acoustic/electric, an Ovation Celebrity acoustic/electric, a Takamine EG531SC acoustic/electric, an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and a beautiful Guild D55 acoustic/electric dreadnaught-- along with a Yamaha YPG-235 Portable Grand keyboard that allows me to The Yamaha YPG-235 offers 400 instrument voices!produce a variety of other instruments' sounds. I backbone most of the songs with crisp and driving drums, and then I flesh-out the remainder of the instrumentation to yield some "ear candy" to the listener (through the use of special panning and/or filtering techniques). At times, I'll have the instruments "talk back" to one another -- kind of like my own version of dueling banjos -- at other times I'll set them up to complete each other's phrases, to yield additional depth and texture to the song. Click Here to Listen to Full-Length Samples and Download Songs.

Song Lyrics
I'm a fan of Shure and Audio-Technica microphonesIn college, I was an English major who also studied a lot of philosophy and psychology, so the focus of my lyrics is generally ecclectic, while the lyrics themselves are at times eccentric and, on occasion, even a touch esoteric. I also like to tell stories in my songs -- their lyrics cover a broad range of subjects including, but not limited to: different perspectives on the general human condition (like explorations of the male/female interactions within relationships, or, of the internal process of reconciling oneself with the results of prior decisions and choices); specific, current issues in our society (including both tongue-in-cheek and in-your-face political and social commentary); and the situational craziness we all experience as a normal, everyday part of living our lives.  (For those of you who are interested in reading them, all of my songs' lyrics can be accessed from the Lyrics page).
My songs cover a wide range of styles and moods -- from hard-and-biting to soft-and-beautiful -- you should be able to find at least few of them that suit your particular musical tastes. Please feel free to sample and/or buy as many of these original songs as you like!
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