I founded my first band -- Journey's End -- with a classmate and friend named Dave Slivka, when the two of us were attending high school in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was at this time that I also became a fledgling song writer. Back then, I wasn't the type to think much about what I might do in my future, so I never anticipated that I'd be writing songs and song lyrics on and off for much of the rest of my life.

Following high school, I went off for a year's worth of studies at St. Vincent College, in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. Then I joined the U.S. Navy for a four-year stint, working as a Bob Shandor in Sacramento - 1973Jet Electrician. When my tour of duty ended, I decided to move to Sacramento, California, to complete my last three years of college. For the first year of the three, I attended American River Junior College, then transferred to California State College at Sacramento for my last two years. So, including my time in the Navy, I graduated from college roughly eight years after starting, and earned myself a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature for my efforts.

During my year at American River JC, I founded another band -- Friend Schubert -- along with a classmate (and now, long-time friend) Steve Nicolaisen (you can hear him singing harmony vocals on It Don't Come For Free and Different Dreams, and playing some additional instrumentation on Different Dreams). Steve and I had each written more than a feBob Shandor and Steve Nicolaisen busking in Sacramento - early 1970sw songs by the time we met. He and I worked as a duo for a while, playing initially in the streets of San Francisco (mainly in and around the Embarcadero area), then as the first wandering minstels in the newly-opened Old Town section of Sacramento, and finally -- after expanding Friend Schubert into a five-person band -- in a variety of Sacramento-area restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

After graduating from college, I took up residence near Magic Sands Beach, on the Big Island of Hawaii. I lived on the Big Island for seven years, then headed off to a Houston, Texas, school to study computer programming. After completing my course, I moved back to Hawaii -- this time to Honolulu, on the island of Oahu.
Bob Shandor on his balcony in Honolulu - 2007For most of the next thirty years, other than writing a song or two, I didn't have much time for music, and, in fact, rarely touched a musical instrument of any type. During this time, I kept myself more than busy earning a living in the computer-based information systems industry -- as an information systems consultant, software programmer and designer, and in various middle and senior level management positions at the companies I worked at and/or owned. Then I decided it was time for me to get back into creating music and writing songs, so I retired from the software industry.
I began experimenting with digital recording and song mixing, which led to setting up Example DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)a small studio in my home in Honolulu. It took me a while to re-learn to play the guitar, and to explore the many functions of the keyboard I bought, but I managed to write and produce ten songs there, before moving to San Diego, where I wrote and produced the remainder of the songs on this website. It takes me between five and eight weeks per song, to: comExample of a sound pattern in a sound editorpose it; write the lyrics; sing the vocals; play and record all the instrument parts (yes, I'm a one-man-band); and then complete the arrangement and sound mixing work. When all of those steps are done, song mastering and testing (in multiple environments) must be completed on the song, before it's loaded onto my website as a song for sale to music lovers of all ages and tastes.
I hope you'll enjoy my songs, that you'll tell your friends about my site (...go ahead and Click Here to send them the address to my Home Page...), and that you'll come back periodically to check-out the new songs I offer-up for sale and/or licensing.

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